I had the marks and the MCAT score to get in and still I was not invited for an interview. Where did I go wrong? Try to differentiate yourself through your letters of reference, personal statement, and extracurricular activities. Think quality versus quantity and progressive leadership roles in each of them. Is your overall application branded for the school you apply for? Do you come across as a future doctor or lawyer or is your application too general that you could apply for teaching college or art school with it? Try our Ideal CV software and see what you can  improve next time!

Take a CPR course and use it in your future volunteer activities!  Start to search for a physician to shadow as early as the first year. For a step by step guide to get clinical research experience register for one of our free workshop on this topic!

Do not wait until you get the invitation to interview letter to prepare for the interview. Be aware of the type of the interview they have at the schools you apply for and prepare accordingly. Practice the interview as close to the real situation as possible. Dress up as for the interview and ask your family, friends to act as interviewers and read you questions and tape your answer. You will be amazed to look at your body language, and answers. Use their feed-back or a professional service to improve and polish your interview skills. For a step by step guide to master the interview register for one of our free workshop on this topic!

Start your personal statement early and carry it with you at all times and ask everyone around to read it and comment on it! Use a highlighter to underline the sentences that they find interesting and replace the others with better ones. For a step by step guide to write stellar personal statement letters register for one of our free workshop on this topic!

​Graduate students register for free to Science Advisory Board  to add to your committee activities.  For a step by step guide to get membership and committee experience register for one of our free workshop on this topic!

Do not wait until 1 month before the deadline to ask for reference letters. The referees are busy, they might have already written for other students in the same competition other reference letters. Try to chose 2-3 possible referees for each of the three letters from the first year of university and continue to add to the list, continue to get involved with the activities of the referee. For a step by step guide to get the best reference letters register for one of our free workshop on this topic!

​Do not wait to be nominated for an award or scholarship! In average the accepted students have 10 awards, nominations, scholarships. Search actively school websites, ask students in upper years, search the internet! There are hundreds of scholarships available for almost each and every characteristic, activity, skill! For a step by step guide to get nominations, awards, and scholarships register for one of our free workshop on this topic!

MCAT, DAT, LSAT...confused how to approach them? Sign up for free trials from all the prep companies and see where you stand and whether you need their services. For an information session on prep courses register for one of our free workshop on this topic!

Global medical trips! You heard about them and saw baking sales to support them! Sign up for one and differentiate yourself from the crowd! Fundraise the money to go and use that experience when you come home to write about and increase awareness about the problems those population face! For a step by step guide to get global medical experience register for our free workshop on this topic!

The second most popular activity on winning applications for med school is research experience. Start early by volunteering, apply for work study positions, co-op courses, courses with a research thesis, apply for summer research scholarships available in all departments and hospital research centres in GTA. For a step by step guide to get research experience register for one of our free workshop on this topic!

Navigating the route of course work, clinical volunteering, preparation for test and at the same time finding time for extracurricular activities necessary for your application seems sometimes difficult to balance. Try to get engages in activities you are genuinely interested in and link them to support biomedical research. If you like to play an instrument volunteer for a concert to patients, if you like drawing volunteer to teach sick kids in hospital beds how to sketch, etc. For a step by step guide to get high impact extracurricular activities register for one of our free workshop on this topic!

Do I need to chose between paid work and volunteer to enhance my CV? Balancing these while getting the scores in tests and a great GPA is not for everyone. Our best advice is so not work during the first year of university if you can. Is one of the year we see most students have the lowest GPA due to the transition from high school or form another city, or from family shelter to being by themselves. If your GPA is great you can try paid work next year. It is better to apply for work in campus, work study positions or paid research during the summer as you can get money and put these on your application. For a step by step guide to balance marks, tests, and paid work register for one of our free workshop on this topic.

You are about to register for your first year courses. Confused? So are all your colleagues! Try to chose courses that will allow you to meet the requirements of as many universities as possible when you apply for professional schools and try to chose courses you like and you think you are good for the rest. Nobody will give you extra bonus points at admission for getting 5 Physics courses. Many successful students in medical or dental school have a major in Spanish, Music, or an engineering background! For a step by step guide to chose the right courses for a great GPA register for one of our free workshop on this topic!

I worked three summers in a lab and do not have a poster or publications. You can always submit your work to our international conference in a poster form or try many other possibilities of disseminating your work (with your supervisor permission). Learn how to find a multitude of venues where you can have your experience showcased by registering for one of our free workshops on this topic.

Med school? Dental School? Law school? Not sure which one? Tried one and did not get in? Want to switch? We had students who successfully transitioned from one to another  by being prepared from the beginning to do activities that will help them acquire meaningful experiences for all. For a step by step guide to prepare for multiple professional schools register for one of our free workshop on this topic!

You tried everything and after 5 years you did not get in med school or dental school or vet school? More and more students chose an off shore US school in the Caribbean or an international school. We have created special sections of our free workshops in which such schools showcase their program. To learn more register for one of our free workshops. We hosted almost all Caribbean schools as well as Australian and European ones.

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