INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL GRADUATE  TESTIMONIALS

            MEA has helped IMgs with their CARMS and ERAS application and interview in Canada and USA

"I just want to thank you for everything. I got matched into internal medicine! Thank you again," Guleid

“I don’t have words to show gratitude for your continuous support on my CaRMS application and interview process. I was comfortable during my interview in most of the stations. Some of them gave me compliments too. I will keep in touch with you and recommends others to get help from you.” Best Regards, Laila Afroz

 “I would like to thank you for the work you do mentoring individuals across the spectrum of learners in the medical profession. I am particularly grateful for the opportunity I had to get advice from you and the insight I gained about the standards expected for an applicant to be successful in matching either into medical school or residency. I also thank you for inviting me to join the models of human disease and would be glad to contribute to development of the group in any capacity possible.” Ibrahim O. Malik

 “Dear Dr Silverman Just heard today, that I have been invited for Family Medicine residency interview for Ontario on 17th Jan. I would like to thank you and your sister for your guidance and advise in preparing for this. Thanking you, Kind regards” Chrys Henry

 “Thank you very much for your invitation. I am pleased to inform you that I got matched to the University of British Columbia, Internal Medicine residency training program. Thanks for all the wonderful help and preparation you offered to me and all other students. Wish you all the best! Best regards,”  Mina Aziz

 “Thanks so much for the suggestions regarding my interview for Hematology fellowship. The interview went well and I have been selected for the next step which requires eligibility educational license, which I am working on. Sincerely,” Vinita Sundaram

 “Thank God, I got matched to MAC Peds!! Thank you Both for all your help and support during that hectic time.  I guess I can be your next guest speaker if you would like me to:)Thanks a million again:)))”Abeer Hegazi

 “Thank you very much for the help and advice you gave me. I matched in US. “Alex Mirzoev

 “When I had face to face with you I promised you to be the next speaker, and am still on my promise. Got matched for the Family Medicine Residency Program at the U of T. This is “Faris Elsadin from Iraq

‎”Hello Dr Silverman,  Good news! I matched to Queen’s Family Medicine. Thank you for being a part of my journey.” Gavin

“My wife got matched to Diagnostic Radiology Ottawa, Thank you,”  Malin 

 “Dear Rosalind, I am pleased to inform that I have been accepted to Family Medicine residency program in Winnipeg (MLP).  I would like to thank you both for your help during my preparation for the interview. Sincerely, Hakimeh

 “You also helped me match. I matched to Family Medicine at McGill University. Thank you Drs. Rosalind and Lorelei for your wonderful and tireless work.” Maged Ghattas

 “I am happy to inform you that I was selected for an interview in family medicine in Ontario. I wish you thank you for the support and advice you gave me when preparing my application. I would be extremely grateful if you could create some time for me out of your busy schedule for us to go over interview preparation strategies. Thank you as always,”Ibrahim O. Malik

 “Dr. Rosalind and Lorelei Silverman, Thank you very much for your suggestions and advices. I am going to train those tips. Now I am very confident that I will do well in my interviews. I appreciate once again your intention and efforts to help others. I will keep in touch.Have a good day! Sincerely,” Dixon

 “I like the way you mentored us. Thank you for all of your hardwork and time. I would like to enquire about mock interview. One if my friend have interview invitation in pediatric dept of Queen’ University. If you can please help him out   to arrange the mock interview we would extremely grateful.Thank you ever so much for your help. Your help is greatly appreciated” Sintaria Simamora

 “I am pleased to tell you that I have recieved an Interview of Orthopaedics from Northern Ontario and I just want to thank you for becoming the source of help in my application process which helped me get an interview. i need your assistance for the interview nowadays i am just praying hoping i would ger more interviews in this upcoming week. With great regards,” Muhammad Iftikhar

“I really appreciate time you both spent with me to improve all my papers, my application, CV and PS. Thank you for a link. I will check it later. Keep in touch, Thank you one more time.Sincerely,” Olena Polyakova.

 “I had the pleasure to attend the two workshops on interview skills. I truly appreciate the effort you do to help pre-med students and IMGs.” Saied Marcos

 “That day when I attended the seminar on interview tips, I could not express my thanks to you because I had to leave early. It was a very useful seminar. I understood many new things about succeeding in an interview. I would like to talk about my resume and personal letters. Cheers” Abeer Hegazi

 “Many thanks Dr. Rosalind and Dr. Lorelei – you are truly amazing” Rasha Sabouny

 “Hello Dr. Silverman, First of all thank you so much for such a big help, I really appreciate. I have corrected my resume and personal statement based on your advice. Please have a look and guide me further as soon as possible” Sadia Rashid

 “Dear Dr. Silverman: Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to meet me . I do appreciate your excellent suggestions and your efforts in helping with my application. Your continuous support is greatly appreciated.  Very Sincerely,” Abeer

 “I am very happy to let you know that I have received an interview invitation from McMaster University in Ob/Gyn program. It’s a MMI. I like to thanks first to both of you for your kind help. And I would like to get your immense help for my interview preparation. Please let me know how when we can sit again. Best regards,” Laila
 “Hello Dr. Silverman,Thanks for informing about this great achievement. Congratulations to you and all the successful candidates. Regards,” Mehul
 “Thank you so much for your beneficial workshops. I learnt a lot ” Shimaa Ashmawee

 “Dear Dr.  I wanted to thank you and your sister for a wonderful workshop yesterday! There is so much good advice I learned from the session. I really appreciate your presentations and feedback given during the interview practice session. I found this especially helpful! The critique given by you and your sister was very honest. Thus, I learned how I could improve from listening to my own critique given by you as well as the critique given to my peers. Sincerely,” Yogi

 “Dear Dr. Silverman, I would like to thank you for the valuable information about interview preparation you provided to us during the previous 2 workshops. Best regards,”Hassan

 “The workshop this evening was awesome, especially your presentation about panel interview. It was very informative.  Sadia Rashid

 “I applied to every university in Canada with a Family Medicine program and so far I’ve received two interview invitations. I’m currently preparing on my own right now and would appreciate extra insight from you because I enjoyed the thoroughness and detail of your interview preparation process. I would like to schedule a time to meet and discuss the interview strategies one on one. I thank you for your work and help. Regards”, Maged

 “Dear Dr. Silverman: As per our conversation I am sending you one of my personal statements and my CV for your kind review and advise. If I would get an invitation for an interview, I would not seek help from anyone else but your. Please let me know what you think and how I might improve my application. Thanks a lot. Sincerely;” Abeer

 “U are an inspiration. I am working on my questions and answers. Will book my prep classes first week of December. Ty. Regards,” Gavin

 “Hello Dr. Silverman, thank you for workshops, emails and follow-up, your work is much appreciated. My name is Maged Ghattas, and I am a Canadian IMG who recently applied to CaRMS. I’m interested in more detailed and thorough information about the interview process and would consider one-on-one instruction as the residency interview process is a new challenge for me. This of course depends on me receiving interview offers which I’ll know about in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for your work and effort.”, Maged

“I thank you so much. All of the credit goes to you, Bless you always. Hoping to see you soon, take care.” Muhammad Jahangir

“Dear Professor Silverman, we would like to ask your help in mentoring during this process. We will kindly ask you to review my application for CARMS, reference letters and all supporting documents, and help with a strong and professional Résumé/CV, and professional letter in order to give my application more chances for success We have nobody more experienced in this area then you, and strongly rely on your help. Best regards”, Lana Turban

 “I would like to thank you for the preps session last Monday, it was very useful and provided me with new insight about the interview. Many thanks, Regards,” Dr Ali Niazee

 ” It was my great pleasure to meat you yesterday. Your wonderful  workshop was so helpful to me.  I would like to have the opportunity to participate in your up comming workshops. Also please let me know if you have any specific program for IMGs, Such as physician assistant preparation courses, or  Bridging programs for IMGs”. Omid Abedi (Big hope)

 “I don’t have words to show gratitude for your continuous support on my CaRMS application and interview process. I was comfortable during my interview in most of the stations. Some of them gave me compliments too. I will keep in touch with you and recommends others to get help from you. Best Regards,” Laila Afroz

 “I write to thank you for your informative and well-prepared workshops. It is nice to see how you care so much for the immigrants and IMGs. Please let me know if I can be of any help. Thanks,” Mehdi

 “I am writing to you to express my pleasure in meeting you and participating in the great Medical Interview info session. Moreover, I will cherish the great open discussion that gave me and the rest of the participants the chance to raise a couple of questions regarding LinkedIn,etc and get the best advice in return. I hope to meet you for expert advice and all the inspiration you provide so generously in the near future.  Cordially yours,” Behnam Hashemi

 “I came to your workshop last night, it was a wonderful experience. I really want to get an opportunity, to have a one on one mock interview session with you or your sister.” Yusra Qamar

 “I went to your workshop yesterday and it was very inspiring to me,” Sadea Arefin

“Thank you very much for the very helpful interview prep tips and demos given yesterday.” Nilufar Shireen

 “I would like to THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and soul for giving us the time and going over the options for my wife. It gave clarity and purpose. We look forward working with you in achieving our objectives.Thank You Again. Regards,” Asif

 “Thank you for your time and your sincere help with my application. Best regards” Iran Rashedi

 “Dear Drs. Rosalind and Lorelei Silverman, I have been attending some of the sessions you hold at U of T and needles to say, found them very helpful. I had the privilege to do a mock interview and have your feedback which was truly valuable. I am applying to CaRMS this year and would like and appreciate if you could go over my application and discuss my options. I am certain I would greatly benefit from your knowledge and experience on how to improve my application profile in general and my personal letter and interview skills in specific as I have so far. Looking forward to having your advice.  Best regards,” Iran Rashedi

 “I just attended your workshop at UofT and found it very helpful. It is wonderful what you do to help students and IMGs. I just wanted to find out more about Physician assistants program. I wanted to inquire about your residency and interview training one on one. Thank you,” Beenish Ismail

 “Thank you for the workshop this evening. It was very informative. Keep posting about your future program which I would like to attend to make myself the best fit for future endeavor. I already got some guidance about the CV now need to work on that and get some more ideas. With warm regards,” Chameli Deb

 “Today, I attended your interview preparation workshop in UoT. First, I want to thank for your wonderful presentation. It was really helpful., I have short listed for MLP (family residency) program in Manitoba and the interview is going to be in early November. I feel that I need to work hard on my interview preparation to improve my interview skills. With regards,” Hakimeh Khazen

 “It is a  blessing to have come across you. I will keep the work on the aboriginals up and keep you informed as events unfold. Thanks once again for all ur guidance.” Azeez Salami

 “Thank you for the opportunity to validate ourselves and help us feel like physicians again. It was great to know that no matter what we still have the passion and confidence to be great doctors. I truly appreciated the opportunity to speak on women’s issues yesterday. Thank you,” Dr Refilwe Serebale-O’sullivan 

 “Thanks a lot for yesterday’s session. I gained a lot of useful insights which were very inspiring and I believe would go a long way in helping me.  Thanks” Seye Soile

 “Thank you very much for your help, time and advice. I would really appreciate if you could make the final correction and changes in my CV and Cover letter”.Fahmida Yasmin

 “Dear Dr. Rosalind, Thanks for your (and your sister’s) immense contribution to strengthen my  application. I can’t believe the great work you have done. Thank you so much for your hard work and I appreciate a lot. Regards!” Deepani Fernando

 “I don’t have words to show gratitude for your continuous support on my CaRMS application and interview process. I was comfortable during my interview in most of the stations. Some of them gave me compliments too. I will keep in touch with you and recommends others to get help from you. Best Regards,” Laila Afroz

“I just wanted to thank you Dr. Rosalind and your sister Dr. Loralei for your kind help, I really appreciate it. Regards,” Maged Ghattas

 “Dear Dr Rosalind Silverman and Lorelei Silverman, Thank you both for your extensive help. I submitted my Carms application on Monday. Hoping for a positive outcome. Thank you once again, I will keep you posted on how things pan out.”  Dr Serebale-O’sullivan

 “Wow congratz itz all ur hardwork behind building confidence and strength amongst us the students:-) Congratulations to  you for an excellent dedicated and fruitful work.” Saied

“I had the privilege of attending your workshop on How to write best personal statement. As an IMG who has recently come to Canada, this was an eye opener. I have taken the MCCEE and am awaiting the results. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how helpful and necessary your workshops are for International Medical Doctors who need to have insight into the process for selection into residency programs in Canada. Your workshops have been extremely beneficial in understanding the requirements. I would appreciate an opportunity to work with you and use my experience in Hematology oncology. I look forward to attending your workshops. Sincerely,” Dr. Vinita Sundaram

 “Dear Dr Silverman: I was privileged to attend the recent workshop on writing the personal statement for medical and dental students at U of T. As a recent immigrant to Canada and an  IMG,I found the advice invaluable. I obtained my Master in Clinical Tropical Medicine at Mahidol, University, Bangkok, Thailand. I would be very much interested in volunteering with models of human disease, and would like to discuss this possibility whenever convenient to you. Thanking you Sincerely”, Dr.Chrysanthus Henry”

“I had my first degree in Chemistry from Concordia University in chemistry and my Masters in Pharmaceutics from the University of Toronto. I worked in pharmaceutical industry in Canada for some years then decided to go into medicine.I attended a medical school in the Cayman Islands but did my clinical rotations in the US and Canada. I Volunteered for Models of Human Diseases to host the first International conference in Toronto. Thereafter, I came to Ghana (West Africa) to do medical work. I am currently working and doing postgraduate training at the Military Hospital (a United Nations designated hospital) in Ghana. While here, I have received extensive practical experiences on medical issues and procedures that I have always been interested in. In addition, I have worked with HIV patients, orphanage, and other infectious diseases settings. Presently, I am also the sole representative of a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) to offer free medical supplies to hospitals and medical centers in Ghana. Needless to say, these experiences have been self-fulfilling and will certainly help me in developing my own approach in managing the medical patient.” Dr. Graham Ehsun
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