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  1. Mario Moscovici
    Medical student, University of Toronto Medical School MHD team leader
  2. Sean Cai
    Medical student, University of Toronto Medical School, MHD member
  3. Hasan Bilal
    Medical student, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai New York, USA,MHD leader/database manager, NSERC
  4. Joana Dida
    Medical student, MD/PhD program U of Toronto MHD team leader, work study student
  5. Nardeen Kodous
    Medical student, University of Western Ontario Medical Scchool MHD conference team leader
  6. Morrison Steel
    Medical student, Central Michigan University Medical School MHD Conference team leader onsite posters
  7. Monica Abdelmasih
    Medical student, University of Toronto Medical School MHD Conference team leader
  8. Hissan Butt
    Medical student, Queen's University School of Medicine
  9. Lucy Duan
    Medical student, University of Toronto Medical School MHD Conference team leader
  10. Moshe Praver
    Medical student, Columbia University, NY MHD team leader IBD
  11. Karen Brito
    Medical student, University of Western Ontario Medical School full scholarship MHD conference
  12. Ken Lee
    Medical student, Rosalind Franklyn Medical School, Chicago
  13. Fan Yang
    Medical student, Ottawa University
  14. Tina Felfeli
    Medical student, University of Toronto
  15. Tina Binesh
    Medical student, MD/PhD University of Toronto MHD team member
  16. Amir Ghazavi
    Medical student, St' George's University University of Michigan School of Dentistry MHD conference team leader
  17. Karen Bai
    Medical student, Stony Brook/ Central Michigan University,Wayne
  18. Juliet Shao
    Medical student ​University of Toronto
  19. Matthew Newman
    Medical student McMaster University
  20. Moneli Rai
    Medical student ​ University of Toronto
  21. Tahsin Khan
    Medical student McMaster University
  22. Chan-Mi Lee
    Medical student ​McMaster University
  23. Sympascho Young
    Medical student ​Western University
  24. Alex Fallahi
    Medical student ​Arizona COM Dental and Osteopathic school
  25. Julieta Lazarte
    University of Western Ontario MD/PhD MHD team leader
  26. Thyvianeh Selathurai
    Resident Ross University MHD team leader, science engagement student
  27. Lisa Tran
    Medical student ​University of Waterloo, Optometry MHD team leader
  28. Elliot Gordon
    Medical student, St. George's University MHD team leader IBD
  29. Mima Markicevic
    Medical student, Antigua University MHD Conference team leader, science engagement student
  30. Buddhi Hatharaliyadda
    Medical student, Ross University, received 2 scholarships MHD team member
  31. Nirshatika Raviender
    Medical student, UMHS St Kitts University MHD team leader, science engagement student
  32. Zeba Khavarian
    Medical student, Saba University MHD team leader, science engagement student
  33. Trincy Jeysingh
    Medical student, Saba University MHD team leader IBD
  34. Bernard Ho
    Medical student, University of Toronto LMP student
  35. Tom Xhu
    Medical student ​University of Toronto ​MHD team member ​
  36. Mark Wan
    Medical student, The University of Queensland School of Medicine MHD team member
  37. Nadine Narain
    OT student ​University of Toronto
  38. Nur Rahman
    Medical student ​ Saba University
  39. Suthan Srigunapalan
    Medical student ​ Dalhousie University MHD speaker
  40. Thashali Anthoni
    Medical student ​ St. George's U Ross U
  41. Asra Taher
    Medical student ​ AUA
Student reflections
“My decision to enter the medical profession is not based on a romanticized image of doctors acquired during childhood. In fact, my passion for medicine developed within the mechanical engineering program at the University of Toronto. Hands-on skills are extremely relevant to medicine and my engineering training has emphasized applying themselves practically, preparing me for the medical realm. Motivated by a desire to impact clinical technology, I have taken on multiple research projects with medical applications. Through research, I have gained an understanding of how medicine has progressed while contributing to medical advancement. Although I see great value in medical research, I have realized that I prefer utilizing the developed tools, rather than developing them.  While academic and research experiences contribute to my growing medical knowledge, volunteering has played a critical role in exposing me to the clinical side of medicine. These opportunities have allowed me to observe my impact on others in a clinical setting. Such direct feedback from stakeholders- something often missing in research and engineering positions- allows me to continuously assess my professional character, identify my weaknesses, and improve the way in which I relate to others. Direct involvement in bettering the lives of others has been the common thread that connects all of my experiences. As an engineer with a passion for medicine, I continuously apply my practical skills to advance medical research, interact with others in a clinical setting, and contribute to my community. After all, innovation and advancement often require interdisciplinary action and I am excited to contribute to this process as a medical practitioner.”
Mario Moscovici

Sean Cai recently received his honours bachelor of science with high distinction from university of Toronto, where he studied Pathobiology. He is the winner of prestigious scholarships and fellowships such as the Millennium national scholarship, the Ontario Genomics Institute Fellowship, and Heart and Stroke Future Leader in Cardiovascular Research Award.  He has interviewed at top schools both in US and Canada and will be attending UofT medical school in September. Outside of the classroom, Sean is a talented musician and spends majority of his time teaching piano, volunteering with the Toronto Symphony, conducting his church choir and performing as an organist.  As a medical student, Sean hopes to bring the qualities and skills he developed through his personal experiences and research into a career in medicine.

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