Facilities on-campus
There are many classrooms, state of the art laboratories, conference rooms, computer labs, library, teachers’ offices, counseling rooms, boardroom, meeting rooms, a dining hall,  etc. The classrooms are equipped with multimedia facilities, and Wi-Fi internet connections, as well as other resources necessary for students to participate in group projects and complete individual assignments. 

Student Clubs
Student clubs are a vital part of our college. Student clubs are run by students’ representatives elected every year, who provide leadership and create programs for various clubs. Our students engage in a variety of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.

  • Eco-Club promotes  an eco-friendly lifestyle and recycling activities in the college and beyond. They participate in the Green Living Show every year, as well as many other recycling and environmental activities.  

  • Health Club students take part in the “Flowers for Cures”  international disease awareness campaign  project  initiated by Dr. Lorelei and Dr. Rosalind Silverman at the University of Toronto. Students collaborate with the Models of Human Diseases club at the University of Toronto to raise  awareness about one disease each month and to gather support for foundations and societies supporting research and treatment of various diseases. Our students shadow physicians and volunteer to get clinical experience in local hospitals and global medical trips in third world countries. As part of the club students get also a CPR training.

  • Nature/Hiking Club students go on regular nature trips and hiking around GTA and in provincial parks.

  • Outing Club students organize regular movie nights, visits to shopping malls, parks, museums, bowling, and trivia nights.

  • Photography Club students meet regularly to share techniques and pictures and display their creations in the college’s hallways and on the internet.
  • Science Club students who are interested in sciences are involved in various research activities that enrich their knowledge. Each year, this club participates in various provincial and national contests and fairs such as Science Rendezvous at the University of Toronto. Students collaborate with our placement students from the University of Toronto Scarborough’s course Service Learning and Outreach and engage in various research and science awareness activities.
  • Spirituality and Faith Club students meet to discuss spirituality and faith related issues and religious celebrations. Multiculturalism and multi-faith are two very important aspects of our college student life.​​

  • Yoga Club students meet regularly to perform yoga together in our gym.

Awards and Scholarships
The Governor General’s Academic Medais awarded to the student graduating with the highest grade point average from a Canadian high school, college or university program. They are presented by the educational Institution on behalf of the Governor General of Canada. Canadian citizenship is not a prerequisite for the award.

Dean’s Award is awarded to the  student who achieves the highest average upon graduation from our premed program.

Dean's List Award is awarded to students with a GPA of 3.7 and higher.

Leadership Award awarded to two college students registered in the 92 credit pre-med program who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and a strong involvement in community service and outreach during the scholar year.

Most improved student award awarded to the students whose academic performance improves the most in a school year.

Certificate of excellence is awarded to students who take our prerequisite courses who demonstrated outstanding academic and community service.

You can check out the wealth of scholarships available to students studying in Canada at

For many other scholarships, please contact the office and receive an extensive list of scholarships and awards for which you can apply.

Student Services

Academic Services
Our guidance office provides students with information and support in order to empower them to reach their academic goals. Counselors continually monitor students’ progress and help them select courses and schedules. 

International student services
These services include visa extension and health insurance referral. We also offer psychological consulting services referrals in partnership with specialized experts who visit our campus on a regular basis.

Mentorship and alumni service
Our advisors have enormous experience and resources to advance your career and find the job of your dream. All our faculty members are committed to support our students achieve their full academic potential. Extensive office hours, tutoring, and peer academic support are offered to our students.

Our graduates belong to a vibrant alumni group on LinkedIn and provide mentorship activities to our students. Our career advising program will help you decide between various options, expose you to a wealth of information, and guide you in your career path.

Medical Education Advising Academic Consulting offers free monthly workshops for all graduates.  Each workshop is dedicated to mastering one part of the medical school application. Come and learn how to create your CV, learn interview skills, get letters of reference and scholarships, build up your credentials, write your personal statement letter, etc.
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