Premed resume editing and enrichment services 

Is there  such thing  as an ideal  resume? Each  year  thousands of applicants with perfect MCAT scores and GPA are turned down. What makes the  difference between success and rejection? We work with our students well before their application deadline to create a competitive resume that will  reflect your strengths, interests, and accomplishments. 

We start all our academic consultation with a thorough and personalized assessment of your qualifications and a critique of your resume. Selection committees are looking for individuals with frequent and substantial engagement and leadership within your community, who demonstrate longstanding commitment and high impact activities. Our detailed editing and assessment will help you refine your résumé to perfection. 

Free CV building projects 

Join our projects and fill in the gaps in your application! Through our 40+ projects you will be able to fill any gap in your resume in a short time while also receiving a letter of reference from us. You can join research projects, poster and abstract presentation at our International Conferences "Models of Human Diseases" and "Global health and Medical Education for the 21st century", disease awareness campaigns, global health projects, administrative and leadership projects, biomedical event organization, and teaching programs. 

You can work remotely for these projects. Our projects have been designed to enhance your resume and help you create an outstanding profile for your application.. Please refer to our Extracurricular activities page for details on some of the projects. Let us help you to stand out from the crowd! There is no fee to participate in these projects.
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