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The Pre-Med (MD, DO, and DCM degrees), Pre-optometry, Pre-veterinary, Pre-dental, Pre-pharmacy programs were developed by Dr. Lorelei Silverman and Dr. Rosalind Silverman's consulting company Medical Education Advising  The prerequisite courses are verified by AMCAS and AACOMAS. These programs are offered in partnership with Evergren College (the downtown campus) at 67 Yonge Street, 4th floor. 

Pre-med postbaccalaureate/prerequisite program program- direct acceptance in partner schools

Pre-med program- direct acceptance to medical and other health care partner schools for  high  school students 

Pre-requisite courses

Undergraduate, graduate, and non-traditional applicants who lack one or more prerequisite courses to meet admission requirements and/or want to improve their GPA to apply to medicine, dentistry,optometry, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine and take individual courses from our program. 

Students from nursing, science, paramedicine, chiropractor, naturopathic doctor, technologists, and other health care professional programs can start medical school or other professional programs in as little as 2 months after studying intensive courses that take place every day!

Our courses are accepted by top medical, dental, optometry, veterinary schools, osteopathic medicine, pharmacy, and other health care professional schools in Canada, USA, and abroad (McGill U, Harvard U, Johns Hopkins U, UC Irvine, Georgetown U, etc.) See detailed partnerships for the Premed program on the Partner schools page.

Pre-requisite courses are based on MCAT curricula (Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Psychology, Sociology, English-Verbal reasoning).  USMLE step I based courses are offered for Anatomy, Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Genetics, Pathology, Molecular Biology, Immunology, Pharmacology.    
Postbaccalaureate program

Our post-baccalaureate program is open to students with an undergraduate degree who want to improve their GPA and credentials and to become more competitive ​for future medical and other health care school applications.

Any of the courses from the 92 premed credit program curriculum can be taken as individual prerequisite courses or toward a postbaccalaureate program. 

Our intensive, highly qualified program sets also a solid foundation for taking your MCAT and for your future medical studies, while at the same time saves you an enormous amount of time and money in your path to medical practice. as courses are 5 weeks long.
92 credit pre-med program

Our 92 credit Pre-Medical program
leads to direct admission into partner medical, dental, veterinary, chiropractic, and other health care schools.

The 92 credit Premed program is offered as a 4 semester accelerated program (12 months) or alternative program (16 months) directly from high school or during and after undergraduuate studies. You will study toward a 92 credit pre-medical diploma program, 1.5-2 years in one of our affiliated medical schools and 2 years of clinical rotations in USA, UK, and Canada. 

Our graduates are offered guaranteed admission into partner US modeled medical schools and other health care schools if certain GPA is maintained and additional school requirements are met. Our graduates can obtain clinical clerkships and residency positions in the US and Canada. ​​MCAT is not required for our graduates to gain access into partner medical schools.

​MCAT and USMLE step1 based courses

The first two semesters of the Pre-medical program include courses that are based on MCAT curricula (Biology, General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Psychology and Sociology).  USMLE step I based courses are offered during the last two semesters of the program.  

High school graduates enrolled in our intensive program can become doctors 5 years from high school. This is just a dream for many Canadian students, while for the majority of medical schools in Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, and South America becoming a doctor directly from high school is the norm!

With increased competition, many students can not gain admission in Canadian or American medical schools even after completing a Master’s degree or a second undergraduate degree. Our program is designed for mature high school students who are committed to a career in medicine. You will study in Toronto in preparation for partner international medical schools.



$1498,414 in scholarships from partner schools 
over 100 partner medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry, vet and other health care schools 
100% acceptance in medical schools in 2015-2016
dedicated faculty
and advising team committed to your success 

  • Direct acceptance in medical and other health care schools 

  • 100% acceptance in medical schools in 2015-2017 for our premed graduates. Our outstanding track record of success is based on our rigorous academic program and transformative learning opportunities result in our students’ astounding success in obtaining top positions in Canada and around the world in their chosen fields.

  • $1,498,414 in scholarships from partner schools - Financial aid and scholarships are offered by our partner schools

  • Over 100 strategic partnerships with medical, dental, pharmacy, optometry, vet and other health care schools in Canada, USA, and worldwide.

  • Courses based on MCAT US medical school prerequisite and USMLE curricula to prepare you for residency matching exams

  • Flexible postbaccalaureate program

  • 5 weeks intensive prerequisites accepted by top Canadian, USA, and international schools

  • Unparalleled residency matching support offered through 40 biomedical international projects to enhance your CV, residency exam courses, and application consulting​​
  • Affordable fees and accelerated program allow our students a quality education without the burden of excessive loans

  • Passionate faculty are PhDs, MDs, or graduates from leading North American universities who prepare students to succeed in their medical school journey and mentor them for their future profession. We have a low student-to faculty ratio.

  • Our students enjoy a vibrant student life, with a great array of clubs and student-led activities. We created a unique, dynamic atmosphere where passionate educators work closely with our students in a supportive environment filled with enthusiasm.

  • State-of-the-art facilities in  downtown Toronto in one of its finest heritage buildings offers a comprehensive learning environment.

  • Strong social networking opportunities are available with key professionals in the field and among fellow studentsWe provide superior career advice, mentorship and networking opportunities

  • Personalized student support from course selection to residency advising. We are there for you every step of the way!  


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