​​Pre-pharmacy program

Pharmacy schools in Canada and USA that accept our prerequisite courses
  • Laval University Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
In addition to accepting our prerequisite courses, Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences appointed Dr. Lorelei Silverman and Dr. Rosalind Silverman as Adjunct Experiential Faculty in supervising the ACPE Essential for Practice and Care-Health and Wellness IPPE course project
  • University of Iowa College of Pharmacy
  • Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences Wayne State University
  • Touro College of Pharmacy
          More schools accept our courses if you are a US resident or citizen.

Pharmacy school advising
So you have decided you want to pursue a career in pharmacy?  Choosing the right school for you requires to take into consideration the location, teaching environment, admission criteria, prerequisite requirements, location, tuition cost, PCAT score. Pharmacy admission is highly competitive. We will help you:
  • ​Identify the right program(s) for you to successfully apply
  • Suggest course list aimed at maintaining a great GPA
  • Comprehensive application planning and preparation
  • Enhance your applicant profile 
  • Review of CV/resume
  • Recommend research and extracurricular activities to distinguish yourself fro your peers
  • Strategies to increase the competitiveness of your application 
  • Formulate and review your ideas to write your personal statement and autobiographical sketch 
  • Advise on PCAT timing and referral to best prep courses with preferred rate discount for our
  • Mock interview and coaching

​Tip for a successful pharmacy school application/interview

Admission committees want to see that you have a deep  knowledge of the pharmacy profession, evidence of past academic success, excellent communication (written and verbal) and people skills, involvement in community service, leadership.

To get to know the field research resources on line, talk with pharmacy professionals, shadow pharmacists, volunteer, apply for summer research.

Reapplication advising

Only a small fraction of applicants are successful after their first try. With our comprehensive, early on strategy we take pride in being the academic consulting company with most successful first time applicants.
We offer a detailed, all inclusive analysis of what went wrong and plan for future steps to increase chances of success next time around including:
  • detailed personalized reapplication plan
  • rewriting of your personal statement and essays
  • postbac and grad school advising
  • gap year planning
  • assessment of your test scores and GPA
  • assessment of your CV, activities, and application
  • analysis of your reference letter strength
  • assessment of your interview performance
  • creating of a realistic school list
  • back-up options

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