To create a wining personal statement that you will be proud to hang on your wall and look at it when studying hard for one of your difficult exam in your professional school it should be written as if you make a case for yourself in front of the juries, it should be a source of inspired prose, true to yourself, and touching upon examples that will showcase your skills and abilities. It should show that you have the qualities for this
profession and highlight your enthusiasm for your medicine while at the same time be original, exciting, and concise.

Committees place a heavy emphasis on the personal statement, it is a central and vital part of your application that allows you to directly make an argument why you are well suited for medical profession. They use the personal statement to differentiate between candidates with similar stats. 

Having served on selection committees we know both the challenges of applying and what the decision makers are looking for in an ideal candidate. One challenge of the personal statement is that you have to write a lot of information in a limited frame, while at the same time to stand out from the pool of applicants. However, this is the one part of your application that you have complete control of and where if mastered right you can win the interest of the selection committee to invite you for an interview or send a letter of acceptance.

We will work together with you to craft that powerful personal statement that will convince the admission committee why you are the best candidate for them. We view the personal statement letter as a tool for you to define and focus your path toward medicine, a journey not only to "look good" to an admissions committee, but more so to discover "who you are." You need to know yourself before preparing to write a letter for an admissions committee to get to know you. And you need to be able to relate this knowledge to those evaluating you.

More than writing the statement for you, we will empower you and increase your level of awareness and effective writing as to work side by side with us in this process to present your material in the strongest possible manner. In doing so you will be able to defend in front of any committee your outstanding value you bring as a future member of their team. Our advisers have a wealth of experience and know the admission process inside out. They never use templates and refine your draft to perfection, focusing it into an engaging and compelling piece of prose.

We provide our expert guidance to clients from all over Canada, USA, and overseas in our office or by phone and email. All your documents will be treated with the highest some research experience in that field
Personal Statement, Reference Letters, Application Essay Editing

We provide:

  • brainstorming topics to develop ideas that are unique to you and to help select the best format for your personal statement based on your resume  or autobiographical sketch
  • advice on the key inspirational stories, major experiences and outstanding achievements from your CV that you need to include in the personal statement in order to write a convincing, impressive, well written, eloquent essay
  • removal of the activities and experiences that have low impact
  • editing (format, grammar, and style) and refining of your draft
  • in depth review and detailed editing for content and style of your draft document to a final polished version
  • that stands out
  • Tailor of versions for various schools  

Tips for a winning personal statement

  • Start as early as possible, it takes a lot of time and effort to talk about your interest in medicine, how it began, how it is part of your present, and how you envision your future medical career in a page
  • Create and outline and then crystallize your ideas in a draft 
  • Decide which type of personal statement better reflects your experience: The “Rocket scientist”, The “Altruistic”, The “Global Trotter”, or the “Mixed profile”
  • Chose a few experiences and talents that will make it interesting to stand out from the crowd and to have higher impact as every reason you want to be a doctor is going to be written by thousands other applicants 
  • Many start their statement with an event that marked them (death, difficulties, natural or human disasters, war, refugee camps, earthquakes, and disabilities) and made them chose this profession
  • You need to show how these events motivated and transformed you and what skills you acquired to support you decision to pursue this field (leadership, team player, communication, empathy, compassion, analytical, problem solving, etc.)
  • Give personal examples-tell an interesting story and make a case for yourself 
  • Describe any particular talents (sports, arts)
  • Minimize any "red flags"  such as coming to medical school from another career, after doing postdoctoral studies, after taking a year off to travel by emphasizing the wealth of experience you can transfer
  • Write the best introductory sentence you can and then describe how your clinical or research exposure, your medical trip, the skills and experiences you acquired will help you to become a successful professional
  • Use active verbs,  the essay will be stronger
  • Use smooth transitions between paragraphs
  • Write concise, logical, clear, well organized essays
  • Do not use the same sentence pattern and clichés
  • The Admissions Office will perform random checks of applicants' essays through for detection of possible plagiarism. Applicants will not be informed that their essay has been submitted for comparison. Essays submitted to will be included as source documents in the reference database, where they will be used solely for the purpose of detecting plagiarism. 
Tips for the Secondary Application Essay (mainly for USA schools)

  • To show that you are a good fit at a specific school research the school website you are interested to apply, join their Facebook page, LinkedIn groups, read articles about the schools, famous alumni to learn as much as possible about them
  • Know both the kind of student they accept and the kind of physician they make so you can find the best fit and write the best essay
  • Mention you match their ideal candidate profile and that you have the skills or particular focus of their school as major interests
  • Give examples of abilities you have, demonstrate specific interests in subject matter and include some research experience in that field 
  • it should complement your personal statement and not be a repetition of your autobiographical sketch

Reference Letters for medical school
High quality effective reference letters are one of the most important part of your application. Generally you will need three letters of reference (an academic one, a clinical one, and a extracurricular one). Your referees have to write glowing, effective, and supportive letters that will differentiate yourself from the other applicants and showcase your accomplishments and character. 
We will guide you in selecting the referees that will add the most value to your application, advise you on how to cultivate relationships with your referees, assembling the documents needed to support your reference letters and create drafts that will help your referee touch upon the most important features that need to be showcases in the reference letter. If you are involved in our projects we can write a reference letter for you as well help you network in the biomedical community.

The ideal reference letter should:
  • be written by someone who knows you extremely well and can write a glowing letter for you
  • your referee endorsement should come from the most renowned and respected professor, doctor, or person you have studied, did research, or worked with
  • be written by someone who has been involved and is interested in mentoring you and in your professional development
  • the letter should state clearly your high ranking among your peers 
  • should be a detailed and personalized letter and not a template letter
  • should comment on the specific areas requested by each school
  • not all great doctors or professors are also great writers so the quality of the letter can vary despite the great intentions of the writer

$100 per hour of one on one consultation, review and editing of your statement, secondaries, and references
Let us help you to stand out from the crowd! Our detailed editing and comments will help you refine your application to perfection! You can book an on site session or send us your drafts electronically in confidentiality via email and receive our comments and recommendations for improvement electronically and/or by phone. We will provide you with a quote prior to starting any work on your document.

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