From high school to medical school
It is never too early to start your successful medical school application! ​Medical schools ask you to list activities going back to age 16 or grade 11 in your application. 
Through the years we saw that those students who start preparing for med school from the last two years of high school are consistently more successful. They maximize their chance of success, have more scholarships, higher impact extracurricular activities, they chose the right courses and university programs, have better academic success, and a much less stress level when the time to apply to med school comes! 
Poor major/minor selection and course selection of first year and beyond can impact negatively your GPA or can restrict the number of schools you can apply. Let us give you the tools to succeed in your dream! 

What we offer:
  • Academic consultation for students prior to enrollment in university to select programs and courses and plan medical school pre-requisite and graduation requirements course checklist that will maximize your GPA and better prepare you for MCAT
  • ​QuARMS application advising
  • Irish, UK, EU, Australian schools application advising (essay editing, building of credentials to be competitive, interview preparation). 
  • Resume building programs (participation in organization of the International conference "Models of Human Diseases", "Global Health and Medical Education for the 21st century", other workshops and seminars, disease awareness campaigns, Science Rendezvous participation, science fair competitions, etc.)
  • "Med school" summer camp filled with useful information, great resume building activity, and fun
  • Selection of extracurricular activities, research, work, and volunteer activities
  • Guidance in applying for scholarships and summer research programs
  • Premed 92 credits program with direct acceptance to medical schools and other health care professional schools or transfer into the 3rd year of BSc programs in USA.
High school students participate in Science Rendezvous activities at University of Toronto

High school students participate in organization of the International Conference Models of Human Diseases and seminars

High school student Neha Parmar won the Silver medal at the York region science fair with a poster on Thalassemia rodent models of diseases

Medical doctor at 23? Medical Education Advising created a 1 year 92 credit pre-med program with direct admission to medical school​​
While for many Canadian students this is just a dream, for most medical schools in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia, and elsewhere this is the norm!
With increased competition in medical schools in Canada and USA, there are many disappointed students who can not get in even after completing a Master degree, lot of effort and financial burden. More and more high school students and parents prospect the opportunity of going from high school directly to med school.

Medical Education Advising created the best pre-med program in Ontario and the first postbaccalaureate program in Canada that offer an intensive pre-med program (92 credits) in a year in Toronto. This bridge program enables  mature high school students who are committed to a career in medicine to transition from high school to med school in one year. Our program has over 110 partners and some offer dual degrees BSc/MD with no additional cost or time. 

Our pre-medical program offers all pre-requisite individual courses accepted by top medical schools in Canada, USA, and abroad, a postbaccalaureate program for students who want to improve their GPA, as well as a transition into (as fast as 4 months) partner medical schools for science and health care graduates.
Canadian high school to med school programs

Queen's University Pre-Medical Program QuARMS offers 10 exceptional high school students a unique 2-year undergraduate educational opportunity that prepares them for direct entry into Queen’s medical school. Chancellor’s Scholarship nominees enter medical school after only two years of undergraduate study.
CGEP/Med-P Programs (McGill U, Quebec)

US high school to med school programs 
There are about 75 medical schools  that partner with undergraduate institutions to offer exceptional students interested in med school the opportunity to apply directly from high school into a BS/MD program. These joint programs are extremely competitive and usually for US students.

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MHD team leader high school
Silver medalist at York region science fair

Schulich Leader Scholarship
University of Western Ontario
and QuARMS short list

RCSI Med School
QuARMS short list

QuARMS short list

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100% acceptance in medical, dental, pharmacy schools      
$ 1,498,414 in scholarships from partner schools in 2015-2017     
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