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Research opportunities
Drs. Silverman are committed to support research activity of our students and our faculty engages in research projects at the forefront of biomedical research through national and international collaborations. Participation in research offers our students a competitive edge and enhances our student academic experience.

Undergraduate students who take BIOB98 or BIOD98 Supervised Research Project courses at University of Toronto Scarborough campus can do their research project under the supervision of Drs. Silverman.
Areas of research include identification and validation of biomarkers for neurodegenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer as well as mechanisms of learning and memory.

Bioinformatics research projects are also available and students are also involved in literature research projects on various diseases. Students prepare poster and oral presentations, as well as awareness brochures. Most recently our students created the poster "150 years of contribution of Canadian doctors to medicine" presented at Science Rendezvous Fair at U of Toronto. 

Teaching opportunities
Many postdoctoral fellows, residents, graduate, and undergraduate students, students who take the Service learning and outreach course at University of Toronto Scarborough under the supervision of Drs. Silverman, as well as selected college students are involved in teaching and research activities .
Teaching assistant positions are offered for every course and are very competitive. Previous teaching or tutoring experience as well as previous background in the field are required.
Many IMGs are also involved in teaching advanced USMLE courses that are part of our program.
We help you exponentially increase your professional profile while contributing to advancing biomedical research. You will have a poster presented at an international medical conference, participate in countless global and local biomedical projects, brand your activities around a diseases of interest, be eligible for an award of excellence, network with your peers, get excellent letters of reference, become a member in a professional organization, and so much more. 

Flowers for Cures health awareness and education project
The Flowers for Cures campaign initiated by Drs. Lorelei and Rosalind Silverman and the Models of Diseases group at the University of Toronto is an awareness project in which every month pre-medical students and IMGs  create a brochure about  a disease  with a flower as  a symbol for the hope to cure that disease. We increase  awareness in  social media,  distribute  brochures and seeds in the community, organize information sessions about  the  diseases  and  prevention, cure, and  state of research, and  help NGOs fundraise for research in  support of finding a cure for that disease.
We plant flowers that  we  have celebrated for  the  past year.  Pre-medical students from the GTA, high  school students, Service Learning and Outreach U of T Scarborough students, and IMGs are joined by members of the Toronto community  in planting  flowers and  educating the public  about various diseases. Check our blog  for details about our Flowers for Cures campaign.

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