For more details about our prerequisites please refer to our Pre-medical program pages. More schools accept our courses if you are a US             resident or citizen. 

Dental school advising
Dental school application is one of the most competitive among professional applications with less than 10% of successful applicants each year. High GPA, DAT scores, outstanding CV, impressive interviews, and stellar reference letters are needed to succeed. We offer complete consultations and guidance for all your dental school application components. In addition, we organize workshops on dental school application attended by over 100 students each time. We have partnerships with consultants from USA, UK, and Australian dental schools.

Our package includes:
  • comprehensive application planning and preparation 
  • dental school mock interview (CDA Structured, panel and Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) formats)
  • review of your extracurricular activities (research, teaching, travel, leadership, etc.) and recommendation to improve your CV and to obtain the best letters of reference 
  • review of personal statement letter and autobiographical sketch for Canadian, USA, and international schools
  • strategies to increase the competitiveness of your application 
  • advice on the best time to write the DAT and referral to the best DAT course and preferred rate discount for our clients
  • course selection to maximize your GPA
  • overseas school referral

Tips for a successful dental school application:
  • ​pursue a challenging and rewarding undergraduate program
  • enhance your critical thinking, logical reasoning, effective communication through various extracurricular activities, ethical and moral judgement
  • take part in activities that cultivate empathy, community involvement, critical reasoning, leadership and team  collaborative skills
  • shadow a dentist and get to know this profession as well as possible areas of dentistry you are interested in practicing in the future
  • engage in volunteer and research activities that will strengthen your motivation to study dentistry as well as your application​
  • go in global trips where you can learn about dentistry and different cultures, economy systems, health care systems
  • create your personal statement and your autobiographical sketch as two complementary parts of your application; make them unique and a true reflection of your personality and abilities, accomplishments, and goals
  • take free courses in bioentrepreneurship to showcase your business skills such as Entrepreneurship 101 that can be also taken online

Reapplication advising
The competition for dental school is getting tougher each year. Only a small fraction of applicants are successful after their first try. With our comprehensive, early on startegy we take pride in being the academic consulting company with most successful first time applicants.
We offer a detailed, all inclusive analysis of what went wrong and plan for future steps to increase chances of success next time around including:
  • detailed personalized reapplication plan
  • rewriting of your personal statement and essays
  • postbac and grad school advising
  • gap year planning
  • assessment of DAT and GPA
  • assessment of your CV, activities, and application
  • analysis of your reference letter strength
  • assessment of your interview performance
  • creating of realistic school list
  • back-up options


Michael Landzberg
Dental school at University of Toronto
York University undergraduate

Swati Agnihotry
Boston University 
Henry M. Goldman School of
Dental Medicine
MHD Conference team leader

"Reflecting back at my decision for pursuing dentistry, I truly feel fortunate to have chosen this career path in dentistry. I have learned and gained a lot from my journey that has led me here. I believe that it is very important to enjoy the ride and never give up because it is determination and persistence that can pave a path to greater success. After the completion of my undergraduate studies and my graduate studies, I wanted to find a career path that can incorporate all my skill sets and enhance my knowledge in a field that can be directly applicable to the health care at large. For me, dentistry is a field where I can use my dexterity skills while gaining knowledge applicable to a career in dentistry. My background in research has provided me with a greater outlook towards research in dentistry (which is a vast field in and on its own ) as I have gained critical thinking skills which are directly applicable. I thoroughly enjoy our pre-clinical labs in our simulation rooms every week because we get to practice dental techniques that are currently in use in wide spread dental practices. Its truly a great feeling when the hard work brings about satisfaction in practicing what you truly love!" Swati

Ashwin Baskaran
Western University
Dental School 
MHD speaker

Amir Aryaan
Dentistry student,
University of Michigan
MHD Conference team leader

Brittany Lung


Dental schools that accept our pre-requisite courses and offer direct acceptance into their DDM
Georgetown American University School of Dentistry in Guyana

Canadian and US dental schools that accept our prerequisite courses to date:
McGill University Faculty of Dentistry
University of Southern California Los Angeles Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry
University of Detroit Mercy
University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine
Indiana University School of Dentistry
University of Nevada Las Vegas School of Dental Medicine

For more details about our program please refer to our Pre-medical program pages. More schools accept our courses if you are a US resident or citizen.

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