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Is there such thing as an Ideal CV? Each year thousands of applicants with perfect MCAT scores and GPA are turned down. What makes the difference between success and rejection?
We encourage our applicants  to create their ideal CV well before their application deadline, that will reflect their strengths, their interests, and their accomplishments

Candidate Evaluation and CV enriching tools
We start all our academic consultation with a thorough and personalized assessment of your qualifications and a critique of your CV/resume. We then compare it against our pool of CV/resumes from our successful candidates who have given us permission to use them for advising and identify the gaps you have. In this way you will get an up to date view of what many successful candidates had on their CV in your chosen field.

Selection committees are looking for individuals with CVs with frequent and substantial engagement and leadership within your community, who demonstrate longstanding commitment and high impact activities. Repetitive one time activities and low impact ones are not in your favor.

Through our 40 different projects you will be able to fill any gap in your CV in a short time while also receiving a letter of reference from us. You can join research projects, poster and abstract presentation at our International Conference Models of Human Diseases, monthly disease awareness campaigns, global health projects, administrative and leadership projects, committee and biomedical event organization, teaching and education programs). Some projects are online which adds the convenience of participation from other sites than GTA.

Our projects have been designed to enhance your CV and help you create an outstanding profile for your application. You can chose one or all projects. Having the most extensive online platform of sharing posters at national level, and many research projects with heavy literature

research and online outreach components our candidates can work remotely for these projects in any place worldwide as long as they have access to computer and fast and secure internet connection. 

Please refer to our Extracurricular activities page for details on some of the projects you can join us.
$100 per hour of one on one consultation, review and editing of your CV (in average it takes 1.5 hours per CV)

Let us help you to stand out from the crowd! Our detailed editing and comments will help you refine your CV to perfection! You can book an on site session or send us your drafts electronically in confidentiality via email and receive our comments and recommendations for improvement electronically and/or by phone.

Sign-up for a Ideal CV run and receive a detailed feedback and critique by a specialized consultant! Find out what is missing from your resume for a successful application! Join our various projects and fill in the gaps in your application! We offer you the resources to support your serious efforts to pursue your dream!

Follow this roadmap to create a powerful and dynamic CV:
  • Have a personal folder in which you gather all relevant documents about any activity you do
  • Brainstorm all activities, experiences and accomplishments you have since last two years of high school 
  • Create a template that includes all 25 categories of a winning CV (e.g. summary of qualifications, educations, dissertations, theses, awards, various experiences (clinical, research, teaching/tutoring), publications, conferences, patents, professional licenses and certifications, memberships, volunteer activities, computer skills, languages, hobbies, etc., etc.) and add them in each category
  • Write in bullet form job descriptions, achievements, and impact (in average 3-4 bullet points per activity)
  • make it stand out
  • Edit style and grammar
  • Proofread and edit format
  • Keep your CV updated every time you join a new activity or have an accomplishment
  • Review it with us
  • Create a similar LinkedIn profile
  • Research and learn as much as possible about the school you apply to and customize your CV to reflect your experiences, skills and accomplishments that best match their mission
  • Decide whether a traditional chronological resume, a functional resume, or a mixed format best highlights you
  • Include a summary of qualification in bullet points that will draw attention to your most impressive qualifications, skills and achievements and differentiate yourself from the crowds
  • Emphasize leadership, team work, communication skills
  • Quantify the impact of your activities and contribution using figures, percentage, rankings
  • Include unique backgrounds, interests, hobbies, skills that make you memorable
  • Use verbs to start each bullet point
  • Each bullet point should be at most two lines long
  • Number pages and long lists
  • Stick with a conservative style; avoid strange fonts and embellishments
  • Use ample of white space and 11 or 12 fonts with 1 inch margins
  • Use design elements to enhance your resume (diamond- and arrow-shaped bullet, kerning, shading) 
  • Check for grammatical and spelling errors 

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