CV editing for IMG or CSA residency matching 

Is there such thing as an Ideal CV? Each year thousands of applicants with great exam scores are turned down. What makes the difference between success and rejection? We encourage our applicants to create their ideal CV well before their application deadline, that will reflect their strengths, their interests, and their accomplishments

Candidate Evaluation and CV enriching tools
We start all our academic consultation with a thorough and personalized assessment of your qualifications and a critique of your CV. We then compare it against our successful candidates and identify the gaps you have. Selection committees are looking for individuals with CVs that meet the CANMED roles and have frequent and substantial engagement in scholar and CME activities, integration in the Canadian health care system, and leadership within your community. Preference is given to those who demonstrate longstanding commitment and high impact activities. 

Free CV building projects

Through our 40 different projects you will be able to fill any gap in your CV in a short time while also receiving a letter of reference from us. You can join research projects, poster and abstract presentation at our International Conference Models of Human Diseases", "Global health and Medical Education for the 21st century", disease awareness campaigns, global health projects, administrative and leadership projects, committee and biomedical event organization, teaching and education programs. 

Having the most extensive online platform of sharing posters at national level, and many research projects and online outreach components our candidates can work remotely for these projects at their convenience in any place worldwide. Our projects have been designed to enhance your resume and help you create an outstanding profile for your application. You can chose one or all projects. There is no fee to participate in these projects.
$100 per hour of one on one consultation, review and editing of your CV (most CVs require 1 hour or less)

Let us help you to stand out from the crowd! Our detailed editing and comments will help you refine your CV to perfection! You can book an on site session or send us your drafts electronically in confidentiality via email.
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"Thanks for all your valuable advice and help.I really appreciate it." Dr. Shirley IMG from Romania

“When I had face to face with you I promised you to be the next speaker, and am still on my promise. Got matched for the Family Medicine Residency Program at the U of T. This is “Faris  IMG from Iraq

``I just wanted to say THANKS for all your help, I hope you had a beautiful Christmas and started this 2018 with all the energy that you have, I appreciate all your effort and kindness to help people like me !!! You rock !!! Dr. Rene-IMG from Ecuador

‎”Hello Dr Silverman,  Good news! I matched to Queen’s Family Medicine. Thank you for being a part of my journey.” Gavin, IMG from Guyana

“My wife got matched to Diagnostic Radiology Ottawa, Thank you,”  Malin, IMG from Sri Lanka

"I am really thankful for your help with my CV and Personal statement for CaRMs! May," IMG from Egypt

"Thank you for all your help and guidance with both the application process and interview preparation. It was very helpful.Thanks,"Raj-MD from India

 “Dear Rosalind, I am pleased to inform that I have been accepted to Family Medicine residency program in Winnipeg (MLP).  I would like to thank you both for your help during my preparation for the interview. Sincerely, Hakimeh, IMG from Iran

 “You also helped me match. I matched to Family Medicine at McGill University. Thank you Drs. Rosalind and Lorelei for your wonderful and tireless work.” Maged, IMG from Egypt 

"Congratulations. You work so hard to help people realize their dreams". Dr. Navreet, IMG from India

"Thank u so much.I can not believe that i am invited fro MLPIMG.Thank you for ur help. May-IMG from Egypt

 “I am happy to inform you that I was selected for an interview in family medicine in Ontario. I wish you thank you for the support and advice you gave me when preparing my application. I would be extremely grateful if you could create some time for me out of your busy schedule for us to go over interview preparation strategies. Thank you as always,”Ibrahim,IM G from Nigeria

I matched to Family Medicine at McGill University. I just wanted to thank you so much for your help through all the conferences, the one-on-one help and also the amazing words of inspiration and of course your tireless effort. You and your sister are so wonderful in helping so many people fulfill their dreams. I don't know how to thank you enough.  Sincerely,Maged, IMG from Egypt 

​"Really appreciate you taking the time out to help me. May God bless you for everything you are doing for us IMGS.  You and Lori are so helpful. Wish I met you both earlier l!! Asma, CSA

 “Dr. Rosalind and Lorelei Silverman, Thank you very much for your suggestions and advices. I am going to train those tips. Now I am very confident that I will do well in my interviews. I appreciate once again your intention and efforts to help others. I will keep in touch.Have a good day! Sincerely,” Dixon

 “I like the way you mentored us. Thank you for all of your hardwork and time. I would like to enquire about mock interview. One if my friend have interview invitation in pediatric dept of Queen’ University. If you can please help him out   to arrange the mock interview we would extremely grateful.Thank you ever so much for your help. Your help is greatly appreciated” Sintaria

"Thank you so much for your valuable time today. I look forward to working with you and being one of your success stories."Natasha, CSA
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