92 Credit Pre-Medical Program Coursework​​
The 92 credit Pre-Med program is a four semester (1 year) intensive program. The coursework includes the following courses as well as 10 hours of guided individual or problem based learning each week:
Semester I  22 credit hours

General Chemistry I (Inorganic Chemistry)                 4 hours = 3+1 credits (Lab)

Organic Chemistry I                                                    4 hours  = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Biology  I or Nutrition and Diseases                            4 hours  = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Introduction to Physics I                                              4 hours  = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Calculus                                                                      3 hours  = 3 credits 

English I-writing for biomedical research                     3 hours  = 3 credits

Semester II  22 credit hours

General Chemistry II (Inorganic Chemistry)                4 hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Organic Chemistry II  or Biochemistry                         4 hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)
Biology II or Human Development                              4 hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Introduction to Physics II                                             4 hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Statistics                                                                      3 hours = 3 credits

English II-Communication in health care                     3 hours = 3 credits

Semester III  24 credits hours

Introduction to Molecular Biology                                4 hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Introduction to Anatomy                                              4  hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Introduction to Physiology                                           4 hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Introduction to Immunology                                         4 hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Global Health and Epidemiology                                 4 hours = 4 credits

Medical Terminology & Electronic Medical Records    4 hours = 4 credits

Semester IV 24 credits hours

Introduction to Pathology                                            4 hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)

General and Human Genetics                                    4 hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Introduction to Pharmacology                                     4 hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Introduction to Microbiology                                        4 hours = 3+1 credits(Lab)

Medical Ethics                                                             4 hours = 4 credits

Psychology/Sociology                                                 4 hours = 4 credits
Medical Education Advising history taking class
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