Courses for IMGs

Medical Education Advising offers many courses aimed at helping IMGs reach their career aspirations either by matching in their chosen field or obtaining a rewarding alternative career in health care or pharmaceutical industry. 

From IMG to employment course- 
International Medical Graduates Bridging program to healthcare professions
We are the only institution in Canada and the USA to offer the course “From IMG to employment”. We offer personalized CVs and cover letter services, job search strategy coaching, referrals to employers, and courses to prepare you for a variety of rewarding careers that employ your international medical degree. We offer 9 certificates:
1. Clinical research certificate
2. Translational and biomedical research certificate
3. Teaching dossier for health care professions certificate
4. Medical liaison certificate
5. Pharmaceutical sales certificate
6. Bioinformatics and Data Management in healthcare certificate
7. Healthcare NGO fundraising certificate
8. Healthcare management certificate
9. Regulatory affairs in pharmaceutical industry certificate

Cost $488
Duration of course-4 months course works and 2 month co-op placement (endorsed by us with letters of reference)

Short certificates

ICH GCP (Good Clinical Practice) certificate
Duration-1 day
Cost $99

Comunication for health care professionals
Duration -1 day
Cost $99

Residency exam preparation courses

1. USMLE Step1, Step 2 CK and CS exam prep courses

2. NACOSCE prep course and mock

3. MCCEE, MCQEI, MCCQE II prep courses


Reading medical literature, writing clinical observations and clear instructions, listening to patients’ concerns, communicating effectively with patients are core skills that IMGs need to prove they possess in English language. Our courses will help you not only reach a passing score for residency matching but learn language skills that will last you a life time and will help you build your medical practice.

The TOEFL/IELTS Preparation Program will be based on practice exam questions and teaching test taking strategies that are specific for IMG residency students. Using proven strategies we will help you obtain greater scores in all four skills of the official exams. If you are unable to achieve the desired score you are allowed to take the course again for free. You can also take our English Medical Terminology class from our Pre-Medical program.

These programs prepare students for the following:
Reading – Students will learn proven reading strategies that will enable them to increase their reading and comprehension speed to complete the reading tasks in the allotted time.
Writing – Students will learn core writing skills, how to interpret graphs, surveys, polls, diagrams and write persuasive essays using diverse sentence and paragraph structures. They will learn the strategies to write compelling essays for both Argumentative and Persuasive essays.
Listening – Students will practise and improve their comprehension of spoken English through lectures, dialogues, monologues, etc. They will learn to extract main ideas and identify relevant details necessary to answer correctly test questions.
Speaking – Students will focus on the necessary “native functional” vocabulary, learn how to express effectively their experiences and opinions in short speeches. They will also learn how to use intonation, stress and volume to create persuasive speeches.

TOEFL Test Cost-The cost of the test can range from US$160 to US$250. For information on registration, fees, test dates and locations, select your test location at

Physicians hadowing and observership courses  
This course is designed to offer shadowing and observership opportunities, insight into the clinical aspects of the medical profession for students and integration in the Canadian health care system for IMGs.
Under the guidance of a clinician students and IMGs explore a series of clinical areas, get exposed to the collaborative nature of the health care profession, and present their experience in a final poster day presentation. This course offers important professional networking opportunities.

Application prep course (Advising on CV, statement, references, interview prep, leadership and community service, CMEs)

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