Models of Diseases International Conference

Models of Human Diseases Conference is a forum for scientific exchange that gathers scientists from around the globe who use model organisms (rodents, yeast, Drosophila, C. elegans, zebra fish, chicken, Dictyostelium, snail, crayfish, etc.) or cells to understand various diseases.

It covers 18 major disease categories, as listed on the submit poster page. The key objective of this initiative is to generate better models of diseases that will lead to better understanding of the pathogenesis and treatment of disease and ultimately to advancement in basic science and more efficient testing of novel therapeutics.

This initiative is intended to facilitate international collaboration among scientists and clinicians from academic institutions, biotech and the pharmaceutical industry, clinical research organizations, and patient advocacy groups. It leads to the establishment of affiliations around the globe, that will allow for joint initiatives such as common applications for research grants and sharing of resources.

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