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"Helping premed students and IMGs achieve their career dream!"

Your first step in your journey to become a doctor in the USA or Canada starts with us! We are the only institution to have complete course programs and advising service form high school to residency matching. We offer complete solution for pre-med, postbaccalaureate, prerequisite courses and for professional school application (medical, dental, veterinary, pharmacy, optometry, etc.), residency matching, and foreign trained biomedical professionals job ready preparation. 

​We are the North American leading institution providing the best premed program and the only postbaccalaureate program in Canada. Our prerequisite courses are verified by AMCAS and AACOMAS and accepted by top schools in Canada, USA, Europe, and Australia. Our premed and postbaccaluareate programs can be transfered toward a BSc and offer direct acceptance into partner schools and are delivered in partnership with Evergren College in Toronto (downtown campus). 

For the past 20 years we have also provided expert advice to pre-med students and IMG applicants, as well as consulting services to professional schools interested in recruiting students from Canada. Our graduates have been accepted into top medical, dental, and pharmacy schools in Canada, USA, and abroad.

For Pre-medical/Pre-health students

Are you a student applying to​ medical, dental, law, pharmacy, and other professional schools who needs a pre-medical program, prerequisites courses, or a postbaccalaureate program to enhance your GPA ? 
​​​MEA created the first pre-med /postbaccalureate program in Canada with direct acceptance to medical and other health care schools. 
1. Pre-med diploma program
This premed program is a 1 year intensive (92 credit curriculum) and bridges high school students directly to medical schools and other professional health related schools in over 100 partner universities. Our multiple articulation agreements guarantee our graduates acceptance into their desired field as well as a great choice of programs and universities.

2. Postbaccalaureate/prerequisite credit program
The postbaccalaureate and pre-requisite program enables students to fulfill admission requirements of our partner schools, to study for MCAT, while also increasing their GPA.

3. Application advising
Are you a pre-med student aiming to change your compliant application for medical school or residency in a stellar one? ​​If you answered yes we look forward to help you reach your educational dreams! We provide expert advice and involve you in over 40 CV building projects designed to enrich your CV, create for you a competitive advantage, and turn your compliant application into a stellar one as well as provide you with glorious reference letters! 

4. Medical school summer camp
Join our medical school summer camp and start your application, learn about medical professions, join our extracurricular activities aimed at helping you to acquire the skills needed to create a great application, participate in many biomedical projects, and have fun.

5. Free workshops
Our unique collaborative and mentorship environment is enhanced by our workshops attended yearly by thousands of students and by collaboration with various courses and groups at University of Toronto.
For International Medical Graduates

Are you an international educated health care professional who wants to practice in Canada, USA, UK, or Australia? MEA created the first comprehensive program in which you can build up your application, take qualifying courses or prepare for a job ready profession that will utilize your education.

1. Canadian/USA resume building
We are the only advising company who will not only help you present a winning application but also offer you the opportunity to participate in over 40 CV building projects designed to enrich your CV, create for you a competitive advantage, and turn your compliant application into a stellar one as well as provide you with glorious reference letters!

2. Application advising
Are you an international educated health care professional aiming to change your compliant application for residency in a stellar one? ​​​If you answered yes we look forward to help you reach your educational dreams!
We provide unparalleled advising services for all parts of application from resume to interview.

3. Qualifying exam courses for residency matching in Canada and USA
We offer qualifying exam courses both in long, short. and test format: MCCEE, MCCQE1, USMLE1, USMLE 2, NAC-OSCE, CE2, MCCQE2, 
CSA, IELTS, TOEFL, and French.

4. From IMG to empolyment courses
We offer many certificates in high demand short retraining courses for international medical graduates to obtain rewarding jobs that utilize their medical education.

5. Free workshops
Our unique collaborative and mentorship environment is enhanced by our workshops attended yearly by thousands of IMGs and by collaboration with various courses and groups at University of Toronto.

1000 students and IMGs advised and mentored yearly

40 projects to increase the impact of your application

​100% dedicated to your successful application

​20 years of advising and admission experience
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                                                                          Application advising​​

​We provide comprehensive expert advice on all aspects of the application process from the initial brainstorming to your interview thank you letter! We offer our unparalleled support system to first-time applicants, re-applicants and non-traditional applicants. We offer hourly rates that are the best value for exceptional services to our premed and IMG clients, without trying to sell packages, kits, or levels of services. 

Examples of services offered:

  • CV editing and building- to create the best CV that displays your passion
  • CV/resume editing
  • CV enhancing projects for your extracurricular activities
  • Ideal CV software screen
Application consultation- to craft a winning application

  • Personalized application strategy and counselling
  • Individualized school selection assistance
  • Academic planning, course selection to maximize your GPA
  • Application review/editing

Personal statement/ autobiographical sketch/ essays that are stellar
  • Personalized brainstorming sessions
  • Custom editing and review of personal statements, application essays, cover letters, etc.
  • Reference letters advice

Comprehensive interview strategies and practice to present your best image
  • Interview preparation and coaching
  • Mock MMI and modified personal interviews
  • Mock panel Interviews
  • Mock CDA structured interviews
  • CASPer prep and mock ​​

                  What makes us the leaders in medical education and consulting in Canada and USA

Over the last decades we have created a new standard in education and our success rate is unmatched! Our premed advisers have a wealth of experience and have helped thousands of students with their professional school applications.

Our team includes medical doctors, Ivy League admission experts, PhD, JDD, and former admission professionals from USA and Canada whose commitment to excellence and expertise will help you get into your desired program.

Over the years we have guided thousands of students and IMGs from cities across Ontario, Canada, and beyond in their journeys to reach their career aspirations. Read their testimonials and become our next success story!
                                                                                               Why us?

  • Admission experience and reputation - our advisors are physicians, professors, and PhD graduates from top schools and medical centers previously involved in admission into professional programs who know what schools are looking for

  • Current Knowledge - we are up to date on all admissions trends beyond compare

  • Credentials - we have only extremely qualified, client focused consultants with vast academic advising expertise

  • Proven success record - we have the highest acceptance rate and our track of record is due to our excellent qualifications, collective experience, and in-depth and intimate knowledge of the application process

  • Integrity and high ethical standards - we offer informed and ethical guidance and advise clients if we feel that they are not suited to succeed in their application

  • Comprehensive service - we offer effective solutions to all application components
  • Personal attention and care -  we devote unparalleled care, insight, and dedication into each student application

  • Flexible hours - we keep evening and weekend hours

  • Flexible media - we work with local and distance clients in person, by phone, or e-mail

                                                Premed * Pre-med * Prerequisites * Postbaccalaureate * Postbac * IMG * CARMS * ERAS
                                             Become our next success story! Your success is our success!

Find out for yourself why we are the number one choice for premed, postbaccalaureate, prerequisites, residency and admission consulting in Canada and USA! We encourage you to read testimonials from our successful pre-med and IMG applicants or workshop participants and see their gratitude for the wealth of advice we have offered.

Contact us to book an appointment with one of our consultants to learn more about our programs and to discuss how we can help you succeed! Attend one of our monthly info sessions or come to our open house events! Our advisors look forward to show you our facilities, talk with you about your credentials and how we can help you achieve your dreams.

Obtaining professional advice is the best investment you can make in your professional future. We look forward to working with you and helping you win this race and experience the joy we shared so many times with one of our students or IMGs receiving that acceptance letter!